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Nantong Hengrui Polymer New Material Technology Co., Ltd


Nantong Hengrui Polymer New Material Technology Company, hereinafter referred to as HENGRUI, is specialized in the research and development of polymer materials and products. It focuses on power substation sealing, power equipment leakage proof and transformer noise reduction. The company has established long-term cooperation with well-known universities and scientific research institutes and developed a variety of new polymer materials and products which benefit to power T&D projects, by the innovation of material formula and production process. In addition, HENGRUI also provides strong technical support for the products and solutions of other subsidiaries of SHIRE Group.


 Power Equipment Block Sealant, as one of the core products of HENGRUI, is brand new in power industry. It has many excellent and durable properties such as aging resistance, fire resistance, water resistance, good sealing and insulation performance. The product can completely replace the "fire-proof mud" and solves the moisture and dust problems caused by fire-proof mud aging and cracking.



Another core product of HENGRUI is Power Equipment Leakage-proof Sealant. It can solve all kinds of equipment leakage problems quickly and effectively, and no need power outage in the operation process. The product guarantees more than 10 years service life, which greatly benefits to the maintenance of power equipment leakage and significantly reduces the loss of power grid.


The third core product of HENGRUI is transformer noise reduction products series. These products, including sound absorption plate, rubber sheet, rubber pad, and many other polymer materials products, can be applied to different parts of power transformers to achieve the effect of integrated vibration and noise reduction.


In the future, HENGRUI will continue to focus on industry issues, relying on the integration of internal and external innovation resources of SHIRE group, to provide high-performance products by R&D of new polymer materials, and to continue support and cooperation with other subsidiaries to develop together.

Main products

Power equipment sealing special glue

Power equipment plugging special glue

Transformer shock absorption and noise reduction products

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