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Chairman Ma Xiaobing won the title of "Outstanding Entrepreneur" of 2016 in Municipal High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Chairman Ma Xiaobing won the title of "Outstanding Entrepreneur" of 2016 in Municipal High-tech Industrial Development Zone

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The annual summary and commendation meeting of the working and management Committee of the Municipal High-tech Industrial Development Zone was held recently. Mr. Ma Xiaobing, chairman of the board of the company, was awarded the title of "outstanding entrepreneur" in 2016.

The high-tech industrial development zone covers an area of 77 square kilometers, including software outsourcing industrial park, electronic information industrial park, Longyou Lake business district, efficient agriculture demonstration zone etc to establish a development structure of "four parks and three districts" , with complete infrastructure and functional facilities. At present, the park has brought together 176 software and information service enterprises, such as Shanghai Sheng Feng, Xiamen Dragon, Beijing Infobird, Beijing Wangshang Culture , with about 4000 employees. Also there are more than 100 enterprises are engaged in equipment manufacturing, electronic information, new energy and modern agriculture. It has initially formed a relatively complete modern high-tech industry system, which is dominated by software outsourcing and headquarters economy, supported by electronic information, new energy and advanced equipment manufacturing, and based on efficient facility agriculture.

In 2016, Shire Technology has made great progress with important breakthroughs in research and development of key technologies. The R&D of integral-forming rubber bag pioneered in China was a big success. It not only rapidly replaced imported products and was widely used in China, but also exported to the United States, Europe and other countries and regions in large quantities, supplied to ABB, SIEMENS, GE and other internationally renowned enterprises.

Ma Xiaobing, chairman of the board, said that since its establishment, Shire Technology has been focusing on industry problems and solving them through technological innovation. It has successively provided customers with a number of solutions in the power industry, rail transportation industry and high-end medical equipment industry. From 2014 to 2016, the annual compound growth rate of Shire Technology exceeded 50% with a good momentum of development. He also said that at present, Shire is planning on the group development. By defining the business scope of its subsidiaries, promoting the integration of internal and external resources, Shire will create the advantages of a whole industry chain from engineering design, material development, product development to engineering services.