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New breakthroughs have been made in polymer materials by Hengrui Fireproof mud may be totally replaced by special plugging adhesive for electric power equipment

New breakthroughs have been made in polymer materials by Hengrui Fireproof mud may be totally replaced by special plugging adhesive for electric power equipment

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Recently, Shire Polymer team independently developed a special plugging adhesive for power equipment, and completed a full set of performance tests in the National Key Laboratory of Energy and Power Insulation Composites. The expert group composed of professors and senior engineers from Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Zhejiang Electric Power Company, Xinjiang Electric Power Company and Shenma Electric Power Company considers that Hengrui special adhesive for plugging electric equipment has excellent performance of "sealing, flame retardant, waterproof, insulation and aging resistance", and its performance parameters are in the leading international level.

For a long time, fireproof mud is mostly used to seal the bottom and holes of substation equipment and facilities. However, fireproof mud has poor adhesion with metals, poor heat resistance, poor water resistance, and is easy to crack. It is also unable to seal the small gap between wiring harnesses, and its sealing performance is poor. Therefore, there are often problems such as aging and falling off, which can easily cause dust, smoke and moisture. Entering the substation box and related facilities reduces the reliability of the equipment, and even causes short-circuit in serious cases, which endangers the safety of the power grid.

The special plugging adhesive for power equipment is a new type of high performance seam sealing material developed by the Hengrui Polymer Research Team of Shirui Group. The material is based on macromolecule elastomer, with reinforcing filler, flame retardant and other functional additives. It is made by mixing and extrusion. It combines sealing, waterproof, insulation, flame retardant and aging resistance. It is the first in the domestic industry. Compared with traditional fireproof mud materials, Hengrui special adhesive for power equipment plugging has better softness, can withstand displacement and deformation to a certain extent, and has better sealing effect. According to GB/T 1695 and GB/T 1692 standards, the dielectric strength of Hengrui special adhesive for power equipment plugging reaches 28kV/m m, which is much higher than 23.6kV/m m of fireproof mud; the volume resistivity reaches 6*1015 m, which is about fireproof mud. At the same time, the flame retardant grade reaches FV-0, which is the highest flame retardant grade of macromolecule materials. It will not produce shrinkage and cracking phenomenon under long-term high temperature environment, and can completely replace fire retardant mud.

At present, the plugging adhesive of Shire macromolecule material for electric power equipment has been applied to seal the bottom of the outdoor box of substations in humid areas (such as Zhejiang) and sandstorm areas (Xinjiang), which has attracted the attention of relevant owners.


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