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Shire Group has developed the world’s intelligent oil conservator with integral-forming rubber bag

Shire Group has developed the world’s intelligent oil conservator with integral-forming rubber bag

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In August 2017, after two years of research and development, the Hengshi Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of Shire group, developed the world’s first intelligent oil conservator with integral-forming rubber bag.

As the core component of power transformer, the oil conservator plays the role of compensating the volume expansion or contraction of insulating oil caused by temperature changes in power transformer and HV shunt reactor equipment, and isolating insulating oil from air and water to prevent the moisture absorption and oxidation of insulating oil.

In recent years, China's power equipment manufacturing industry has made great progress, and independently developed large power transformers and high-voltage shunt reactors of various voltage levels. However, the development level of power transformer rubber bag in China is still backward, and the rubber bag made by manual bonding process in China cannot meet the long-term reliable operation requirements of power equipment.

In 2016, Shire Technology has successfully researched and developed integral forming rubber bag, which has successfully broken the situation that the integral forming rubber bag used by power transformers in China are controlled by others for a long time. Not only that, Shire’s L-IPS integral forming rubber bag are also exported abroad in large quantities to supply ABB, SIEMENS, GE and other internationally renowned enterprises. Relying on this important innovation achievement, Hengshi Intelligent Equipment carries out interdisciplinary integrated innovation, carries out industry-university-research and application cooperation with domestic famous universities and power grid users, and develops integral shaped capsule intelligent oil storage tank.

The intelligent oil conservator developed by Hengshi Intelligent Equipment adopts the International Pioneering internal oil design, which can effectively eliminate the leakage of oil conservator rubber bag and prevent the false oil level, greatly improving the reliability of oil conservator and realizing the maintenance free for 30 years. Hengshi intelligent oil storage tank also integrates intelligent leakage alarm system and double oil level measurement device, which can effectively feedback the abnormal power equipment in time to avoid the occurrence of operational failures and accidents.

After the successful development of the intelligent oil conservator of Hengshi Intelligent Equipment, it has been quickly applied in Yunnan, Heilongjiang, Hubei, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other regions. The good operation performance and intelligent function of the equipment have been widely praised by users.