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Settled! Shire provides hole sealing service for valve hall of UHV +1100KV Changgu Project

Settled! Shire provides hole sealing service for valve hall of UHV +1100KV Changgu Project

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On August 24, 2018, the dc construction branch of state grid corporation of China organized and held a supplementary meeting on design freezing of converter transformer for Changji-Guquan 1100kV project in Beijing. State grid dc department, state grid dc company, shandong electrician, electrical and other units and experts attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the converter part in the design of the converter station, and determined that the valve hall sealing materials and services provided by Shire company.

Changji-Guquan (+1100 kv) UHVDC transmission line project, which starts at Zhundong (Changji) Converter Station in Xinjiang and ends at Xuancheng (Guquan) Converter Station in Anhui Province, is the most advanced UHV transmission project with the highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance and the most advanced technology in the world. This project is an important milestone for the continuous innovation of the national grid in the field of UHV transmission. It has refreshed the new height of world power grid technology, opened a new era of UHV transmission technology development, and has a significant demonstration role for the development of global energy internet.

A After June 2, the explosion-proof and fire-proof of converter station was paid special attention to by State Grid Corporation after the fire accident of Y/Y-A converter transformer at the very low end of (+800 KV) Yibin Converter Station. This technical freezing meeting was held by Changji Project and DC Construction Company, which is of great significance. The meeting made it clear that the blockage of converter bushing should be carried out in accordance with the summary of the special evaluation meeting on fire protection design and upgrading of Changji-Guquan (+1100kV UHVDC converter station) No. 252 of the General Institute of Electric Power Planning and Design, with specific requirements for materials and processes.

The meeting also confirmed that the Changji station and Guquan station converter supplied by Shandong Electric Engineering Institute were provided with plugging materials and services by Shire group, which continued the record of "plugging services for all UHVDC projects in China".

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deal! Shirui provides valve chamber hole sealing service for UHV ±1100kV Changgu project