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Release time: 2018-12-18

Hitachi's full takeover of ABB power grid to keep pace with Siemens Germany

The news that ABB intends to sell its power equipment business has finally come to an end since October. Hitachi has agreed with ABB to buy 80.1% of its grid subsidiary for $6.2 billion, the largest acquisition since its inception in 1910.


2017-07-05 19:51:00

On June 26, the two-way launch of China Standard EMU Fuxing on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway aroused concern. Reporters learned today by interview that China Railway Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Railway Datong Co.) provides the traction transformer products for the first two trains, to supply continuous power for the train "heart".
Traction Transformer of EMU Fuxing is Made in Datong

2017-11-29 19:48:00

A few days ago, the domestic 1000-kilovolt 400-megavolt single-phase generator boost transformer with the largest capacity of 1000-kilovolt voltage class has been successfully developed in China West Power.
China West Electric Power Company has successfully developed the generator transformer with the largest capacity of 1000 KV

2017-12-15 19:46:00

On September 28, 2017, Jiangsu Huapeng successfully won the bid for 600MVA 345kV no-load transformer from the Federal Government of the United States.

Jiangsu Huapeng wins the bid for 600MVA 345kV transformer from the Federal Government of the United States

2018-03-12 19:44:00

On April 10, it was learned that 16 transformers produced by Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Co., Ltd. were put into operation in all three substations constructed by Thailand Power Generation Company, which provided a great guarantee for the stability of local power supply.
SASAC: Sixteen transformers developed by Toshiba Changzhou have been put into operation in Thailand.

2018-09-12 19:43:00

On September 6, the largest natural ester insulated oil transformer in China passed all the test projects at one time, with excellent performance indicators.
Shandong has successfully developed the largest capacity natural ester insulated oil transformer in China with the ignition point higher than 300 ℃.

2018-11-29 19:39:00

From 15:00 to 15:12 on November 22, the "Changji-Guquan" UHV DC transmission project will be started on the high end of the 2nd pole.
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