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SHIRE successfully developed integral-forming clip-on gasket to solve the problems of bending and greatly improve the sealing effect and service life. Product Characteristics are as follows:
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BMC(Bulk Molding Compound) dry type transformer rubber pad is used for electrical insulation and weight bearing to guarantee steady transportation and operation of dry-type transformer and its insulation properties. It can also promote the electrical properties of dry-type transformer and guarantee long service life in high salt density and heavily polluted areas. SHIRE has successfully developed a new type compound insulation pad for dry-type transformers.
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Vacuum drying house is the key equipment of water removal during the manufacturing of transformers, shunt reactors and capacitors, which is related to the product quality, cost and delivery date of. So it requires good sealing structure and gasket of high quality to guarantee the sealing effect.
SHIRE successfully developed high performance FKM gasket and high tearing strength & high resilience silicon rubber gasket by study on compound rubber formulas, optimization of sealing structure and innovation of mold technology to meet customers’ different requirements and guarantee the sealing requirements of vacuum drying house.
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Traction transformer is the core equipment of locomotives with the function of transforming 25kV voltage into suitable voltage for locomotive power supply, which is named as the “heart” of locomotive and decides the safe operation of locomotives. However it’s confronted with complicated working and environmental conditions such as dust, rain, snow and mud etc.
Locomotive traction transformer tank cover and cooler’s rubber gasket are very important to protect the “heart” of locomotive. The gasket need to withstand different weathers, continuous and changeable compression set. What’s more, all the components should reach V0 level fireproof and don’t produce harmful gas when flaming.
SHIRE locomotive traction transformer sealing gasket is widely used in railway system and takes ups No.1 turnover in the market by its excellent performance.
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Medical Equipment is the most basic element of medical, scientific research, teaching and clinical subject, which decides the development of modern health care. Medical transformer plays a very important role in medical devices, and high quality medical transformer can greatly improve working efficiency and ensure the safety. SHIRE TECH has rich experience in rubber material design and processing, we can not only provide high quality rubber products for medical transformer but also rubber sealing and damping products for other medical equipment.
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Transformer noise has been a common issue in the industry, which has a great effect on people's everyday life and work. SHIRE GROUP HENRUI polymer material research team successfully developed a new cork rubber material for transformer by advanced material selection and formula design. This new type composite material is made of pure granular cork, oil-resistant rubber and some chemical auxiliaries. It shows great performance of both cork and rubber, which is compressible and elastic. There is only small deformation around when the product is compressed. And it has comparatively high hardness with good compression resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and waterproof, which can effectively reduce the noised caused by transformer vibration.
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