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Nantong Hengshi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd



Nantong Hengshi Intelligent Equipment Company, hereinafter referred to as HENGSHI, commits to provide maintenance-free, high reliability intelligent equipment and components for power industry. HENGSHI, relying on SHIRE GROUP innovation platform, successfully developed world first intelligent oil conservator with maintenance free and alarming functions by cooperating with famous universities and research institutes and carrying out cross-industrial innovation, which greatly improve the reliability and intelligence.


HENGSHI intelligent oil conservator adopts high-performance LIPS rubber bag with conservator main tank, main connectors, intelligent system including sensor type oil level and pressure monitoring device, leakage alarm device, oil chromatography online monitoring device data analysis section and data transmission section. Compared with 

traditional products, HENGSHI intelligent oil conservator is not only more reliable, but also can accurately measure the parameters of equipment operating state. Due to the real-time monitoring of leakage, oil pressure and oil chromatogram (micro-water) functions, HENGSHI intelligent oil conservator has a high degree of information integration, which can self-diagnose and alarm the possible problems of transformer equipment in time, and transmit the detection data to the control room by wireless (or wired) mode. It realizes the digitalization, intellectualization and maintenance-free of the oil conservator, which is more reliable and economical.


HENGSHI intelligent oil conservator not only solve the existing problems of traditional rubber bag conservators and bellows type conservators , realize maintenance-free, but also can alert transformer equipment problems effectively. It is widely recognized by domestic and foreign transformer equipment manufacturers and grid utilities because of the advanced technology and huge cost reduction.


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External oil type integral molding capsule oil storage cabinet

Internal oil type integral molding capsule oil storage cabinet

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