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Trinity comprehensive rectification of substation box

Trinity comprehensive rectification of substation box

Most of the substation cabinets are installed outdoors. Because the cabinets are not well sealed, moisture and dust can easily enter the cabinets, resulting in condensation, dust collection and sand collection, which greatly deteriorates the operating environment inside the cabinet and easily causes electrical and mechanical failures. It affects the safe and stable operation of the power station. Focusing on the pain points of this industry, Ruixin Engineering pioneered the “three-in-one” comprehensive remediation service for substation cabinets, and transformed the substation cabinets through “water blocking, sand blocking”, “water isolation, sand separation” and “dehumidification”. The problem of the substation cabinet is completely solved. Since then, the company has also designed an "old box transformation" remediation project on the serious corrosion of the cabinet, which improved the internal operating environment of the substation cabinet and provided a guarantee for the safe operation of the substation power system.
Industry pain point
An Introduction
Program advantage
Program value
(1) "condensation, dust collection" phenomenon
Substation is an important place in the power system. The safe operation of the substation is a prerequisite for ensuring the safe operation of the power grid. The condensation and dust collection of outdoor cabinets in substations have always been a common problem affecting the normal operation of the power grid system. This problem will cause corrosion of the secondary terminals in the cabinet, causing mildew, reducing the insulation strength and causing electrical failure. The traditional cleaning of the box, replacement of the sealing strip, replacement of fire mud can not completely solve the problem of condensation and dust collection.
(2) Wind and sand are not pervasive
In some areas with large wind and sand, sand dust is more likely to enter the box, and dust adheres to the terminal block and the wiring part, which makes the loop contact unreliable and affects the safe operation of the equipment. In the case with the transmission mechanism, dust enters and adheres to the drive shaft, causing the drive shaft to wear or even jam, causing an accident. The subtle dust can be described as “pervasive” and extremely difficult to clean.
(3) The cabinet is seriously rusted
Most of the cabinets are installed outdoors. In the harsh weather environment, because the box material is not rust-proof, the surface of the cabinet is easy to rust, rust and even fall off, which seriously affects the operating environment inside the cabinet and brings great safety to the substation. Hidden dangers. The replacement of the cabinet requires power failure, disconnection, packing, and wiring. The steps are cumbersome, and the power outage will bring huge losses to the substation.
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Shirui pioneered the “three-in-one” comprehensive remediation service for substation cabinets. Through three aspects: “water retaining, sand blocking”, “water isolation, sand separation” and “dehumidification”, 13 measures to transform the substation cabinet can be thoroughly The problem of the substation cabinet was solved, and the substation cabinet was “not condensed and dust-free”. After that, the company also designed an “old box transformation” remediation project to seriously improve the cabinet interior, which can improve the interior of the substation cabinet. The operating environment provides a guarantee for the safe operation of the substation power system.
The “three-in-one” comprehensive rectification of the substation cabinets, 13 measures: “water blocking, sand blocking” 9 items, “water isolation, sand separation” 3 items, “dehumidification” 1 item. among them:
——“Water retaining and sand blocking” scheme: ① integral forming sealing strip; ② box door three-point reinforcement; ③ installing rain cover; ④ installing respirator; ⑤ replacing glass sealing strip; ⑥installing guiding strip; ⑦ replacing hinge ; ⑧replacement of the door lock;⑨ box body rust and anti-corrosion.
——“Moisture-insulated, sand-proof” scheme: ⑩replacement special glue for sealing; ⑪ replacement of fireproof board; small gap sealing between ⑫ wire bundles
- "Dehumidification" program: ⑬install dehumidifier
For the serious problem of box corrosion, Ruixin “old box transformation” service does not need power outage, no need to dismantle the wiring, no need to weld, install a new box outside the old box, the box body is made of stainless steel, reasonable structure design, make the box more Reliable and more sealed. Ensure the working environment inside the cabinet and solve the problems caused by the corrosion of the cabinet to the substation.

1. The industry's first "three in one" comprehensive remediation services, the remediation plan is more effective
The traditional substation cabinet service is basically "headache, foot pain, medicine foot", the standard is not a cure, mainly for the lack of systematic research on the "condensation" and "dust" of the box, a single treatment can not cure the problem. The Ruirui Engineering team of Shirui Group pioneered the “three-in-one” comprehensive rectification of the substation cabinet, completely solving the problems caused by “condensation” and “dust”.
2. Compared with traditional service providers, the product works better.
With the advantages of polymer materials and products in the group, Ruixin Engineering Services has a better effect on the products used in the cabinet remediation, mainly reflected in:
①Power equipment sealing glue VS fire mud
The traditional box body treatment adopts the substation fire-proof mud material, which has the problem of aging and falling off. The power equipment used by Ruixin Engineering is sealed with special glue, sealing, waterproof, insulating, flame retardant and anti-aging. It completely solves the fireproof mud. Aging, shedding, performance is more advantageous.
②Self-clamping "Ω" type steel strip seal VS seal
The traditional box body adopts a flat back strip, which has poor sealing effect and is easy to fall off. The airbag type ("Ω" type) sealing strip used by Ruixin Engineering has a metal tongue-shaped buckle embedded inside, with self-clamping function, not loose, and the airbag uses foam rubber, which is more easily compressed and deformed, and the sealing effect is better.
③ "three-point" reinforcement VS single door lock
The traditional box body is designed as a single door lock in the middle, and the middle part is concentrated by force, and the outside of the box door is easy to be outwardly warped for a long time, causing the seal to fail. The Ruixin project usually uses a connecting rod door lock or two new locks to form a three-point reinforcement for better sealing performance.
④ dehumidifier VS heater
In order to eliminate condensation, many treatment schemes are to increase the heater to ensure that the air temperature in the cabinet and the cabinet is not lower than the outside air temperature of the tank, and increase the air saturation humidity inside the box, which can effectively eliminate condensation, but the humidity inside the box. Too big, it will still bring hidden dangers. Therefore, not only to prevent condensation, but also to dehumidify inside the box. Ruixin adopts professional intelligent dehumidifier, which has the functions of dehumidification and constant temperature, and is the best choice for outdoor enclosure dehumidification.
3. Commitment is guaranteed
The Ruixin team promises to assume full responsibility for the operation and maintenance failures caused by the service quality problems during the product quality assurance period.
4. One-stop service
Ruixin provides one-stop service for comprehensive rectification of substation cabinets. From site mapping, problem analysis, technical solution design to on-site construction, it is completed by Shirui professional team to ensure service quality.
1. Thoroughly solve the "condensation" and "dust" hazards in the power station cabinet
Ruixin pioneered the “three-in-one” comprehensive remediation service for substation cabinets. Through three aspects: “water retaining and sand blocking”, “water-proof, sand-separating” and “dehumidification”, 13 measures were carried out to transform the substation cabinet and completely solve the problem. The problem of “condensation and dust” in the substation cabinet effectively protects the grid.
2. Reduce operation and maintenance costs
“One rectification, 15 years of worry-free”, the “three-in-one” comprehensive remediation service of Ruixin substation box not only saves the trouble of regular cleaning for power grid operation and maintenance, but also saves maintenance time and operation and maintenance cost of substation operation and maintenance personnel. At the same time, with the effect of remediation, it can be guaranteed that there is no need for frequent management within fifteen years.
3. Convenient and fast construction
All the comprehensive rectification of Ruixin can be completed under the condition of electrification. There is no need to dismantle the wiring when installing the new box, no need for on-site welding, the structure is safe and reliable, and the construction is convenient and fast.
4. One-stop service, more peace of mind
Ruixin provides one-stop service for comprehensive rectification of substation cabinets. From site mapping, problem analysis, technical solution design to on-site construction, all are completed by professional teams to ensure service quality and make the grid more worry-free.
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