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Oil storage tank replacement service

For a long time, transformer oil conservator leakage, false oil level, and short service life are common problems in substations. The coring and leakage of the core of the metal corrugated oil storage cabinet can lead to the aging of the false oil level and the insulating oil, which seriously threatens the safe operation of the transformer. The traditional oil conservator cannot completely solve the problems of false oil level and leakage. The Ruixin team of Shirui Group has developed corresponding implementation standards from the mapping, design, production, transportation and installation of oil conservator, providing one-stop service for customers and completely solving the false oil level of the oil conservator. , leaks and short life issues.
Service characteristics
Service advantage
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The Group's Ruixin team uses the latest transformer oil storage cabinet standards and industry standards as the design basis, and provides the overall replacement service of the oil storage cabinet according to customer needs and site conditions. The project includes oil storage cabinets, capsules and oil level gauges. And accessories such as unions, valves, and secondary lines. In addition, the oil conservator has a variety of options to meet different ages and functions. Ruixin Engineering has realized one-stop service from surveying and mapping, product manufacturing, and installation. The service of Ruixin has the following characteristics:
1. The fastest on-site mapping
Ruixin Engineering can arrange special service personnel to reach the scene as quickly as possible, and accurately measure the size of each component of the oil storage cabinet.
2. The most professional oil conservator design
The company can not only design the oil conservator as it is, but also intelligently upgrade the product to give a better design for the owner to choose.
3. The fastest oil storage cabinet production
Shirui Group not only produces its own capsules, but also has stable suppliers in all parts of the oil conservator, which can guarantee the rapid processing and delivery of oil conservator.
4. The best quality oil storage cabinet products
The oil-filled capsule oil storage cabinets and the internal oil-type capsule oil storage cabinets provided by Ruixin Engineering Co., Ltd. are all made of the first integral molded capsules in China. The quality is reliable and the service life is longer. At the same time, through intelligent upgrade or structural innovation. Provide owners with the best performance oil storage cabinet products.
5. The most efficient installation team
Ruixin has a professional team with many years of experience in transformer oil storage cabinet replacement. The team covers the whole country and can reach the scene within 24 hours as long as the customer needs it.
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1. Oil conservator delivery is faster
In comparison, Ruixin Engineering is more professional and faster than the electric construction company in the mapping and design of oil storage cabinet parts. In addition, even if the oil conservator replacement service is handed over to the electric construction company or the transformer factory, they still need to buy capsules from the capsule manufacturer, and the service speed is subject to the capsule manufacturer. Ruixin provides one-stop service for faster delivery
2. Oil storage cabinet products are more advanced
Ruixin Engineering owns the internationally-created internal oil-type capsule oil storage cabinet, which can completely solve the defects of fake oil level and broken fuel injection in the traditional oil storage cabinet. Even if the external oil-type capsule oil storage cabinet is provided, the integral molding capsule is also adopted. The oil storage cabinet has better quality and longer service life. In addition, the Ruixin engineering oil storage cabinet can be intelligently upgraded to make operation and maintenance more worry-free.
3. Commitment is guaranteed
The Ruixin team promises to assume full responsibility for the operation and maintenance failures caused by the quality problems of the oil conservator during the product quality assurance period.
4. Service is more intimate
For customer's consultation and comments, Ruixin Engineering will reply within 24 hours; if it needs to be resolved on site, Ruixin will dispatch technicians or engineering service personnel to the scene within 24 hours. Service hours: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
1. Complete the replacement of the oil conservator in the shortest time, realize the power transmission of the grid, and reduce the loss of power outage;
2. Provide the industry's best oil storage cabinet design, the quality is more reliable, and ensure the safe operation of the transformer for a longer period of time;
3. "One-stop" replacement service, power grid operation and maintenance is more worry-free and more assured.
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