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Nantong Ruixin Engineering Technology Co., Ltd


Nantong Ruixin Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd., hereinafter referred to as RUIXIN, is a subsidiary company of SHIRE GROUP. The company has rich experience in engineering services. Focusing on power grid new construction and technological renovation projects. RUIXIN aims to provide the most valuable engineering service solutions for power industry with integrated innovation of engineering design, new material products and construction technology.


RUIXIN gathers many professors in construction structure, material and engineering to successfully develop new generation converter substation valve sealing solutions by research in design of hole sealing structure, new type fire & explosion proof material and integration of construction to meet the requirements of fire & explosion proof. This solution has been rapidly applied in the HVDC projects of SGCC and CSG.

RUIXIN is the pioneer of "Substation Cabinet Integrated Treatment" in power industry with the first laboratory of substation outdoor/indoor cabinet integrated treatment in China. We provide dedicated services from site surveying and mapping of the plan to integrated treatment of sealing material, gasket, lock, internal dehumidification and constant temperature, which can  ensure that the terminal box is well sealed, dried and clean inside.


In the future, RUIXIN, relying on SHIRE GROUP innovation platform, will continue to carry out integrated innovation of structural design, new material research and construction process  to provide the most valuable engineering services for new construction and technological renovation projects in power industry.


Main products

Converter station valve hole hole blocking

Rapid long-term plugging of power equipment

Comprehensive rectification of the "three in one" of the power station cabinet

Capsule replacement service

Oil storage tank replacement service

Cable pipe pressure gripping

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