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SHIRE Development Strategy

SHIRE Development Strategy

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SHIRE focuses on R&D of high-performance polymer materials, and actively extends downstream to provide international leading products and solutions for industries such as electric power, rail transportation, medical equipment and communications. With world-leading technology, products, solutions and excellent services, SHIRE has won high praise and unanimous recognition from customers all over the world.
SHIRE has four wholly-owned subsidiaries, which has 23 production lines and independently operate five major businesses that are polymer materials product series, special rubber product series, rubber coated fabric products series, intelligent oil conservators and engineering services. The Group fully utilizes the ability to integrate resources while each subsidiary develops its own business, which has two major advantages. The first is 1+1>2 industrial chain integration advantage by combination of  materials, products, solutions and engineering services; and the second is industrial combination advantages brought by sharing of the knowledge and experience in various industries and products. 
SHIRE is is recognized as National High-tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Province High-tech Private company, Jiangsu Province Technological Medium-size Company with a high-level engineering technology research center and ISO 9001 international quality system certificate. The company provides products and services for more than 400 customers worldwide, and is an important partner of world-renowned companies such as ABB, Siemens, GE and Hitachi. 
Our products and services are applied to more than 20 countries and regions around the world, especially for most world's UHV, EHV DC projects in power industry. In China, SHIRE is a key supplier and R&D partner of State Grid and China Southern Power Grid.
SHIRE will continuously focus on customer’ concerns to innovate technology and provide leading products and services in 4 fields including power, railway transportation, medical equipment and communication. And our development target is to achieve “ Leading in China, Top Class in the world”