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Address: No.1 East Dianxin Road, Rugao, Jiangsu - SHIRE INDUSTRIAL PARK




Group culture



We are trying to make Shire the kind of enterprise where one can pursuit his dream, respect each other, take the lead and win-win.

we believe that pleasant cooperation results in improved business performance. Inside the company, we have a pleasant working and communication environment; outside the company, we forge ahead to create a win-win situation with partners. We firmly believe that making the cake bigger through cooperation is much better than getting a bigger slice from one small cake. This is the key to long-term prosperity for our enterprise.


Taking the lead

We will never be satisfied with what we have already accomplished. By continuous innovation, we surpass ourselves and try to be the front-runner in this industry. We hope that through our effort, we can also make great contribution to the excellent performance of our customers or suppliers.

In Shire, we are working hard not only to realize our dream of career and happiness, but also to help our customers to achieve their dream of advanced designing, higher technical standard and best product quality.

Pursuing dreams

Respecting each other

Everyone is equal regardless of gender or ranks. We earn respect from each other by hard work. For those who are related to Shire through supply chain, we pay enough respect to them. We believe that the power of respect will bring trust into our business relationship, and help us to communicate smoothly. 



Aim Higher, Achieve Better 

Object can gather people, unite people and remould people.

Value of a company should be judged from its creation and contribution to the society instead of its achievements.

SHIRE is a platform of dream pursuit, mutual respecting, taking the lead and win-win.

There is a pursuit that can never cease. There is a dream that is to exceed.

Continuously develop by research and innovation. Constantly occupy the market by products segment. SHIRE will never cease to grow.

SHIRE is always on the way of development!


Focusing on customers' concerns, providng innovative products, services and solutions, create the best value for all related parties.


Lead in the business scope by advanced technology and dedicated services.



Core Value

People Oriented, credibility first, honor in value creation.



Company is an entirety, everyone’s success and progress benefit from teamwork.

Don’t say bad words to team, don’t do bad things for team.

Don’t turn work disagreement into personal conflicts.

Don’t say bad words to others in secret, Don’t make rumor. Don’t make mischief. 



Right or wrong of any behavior is judged by whether beneficial to the company.

Don’t violate company’s interests. Don conceal mistakes. Don’t say lies.


Responsible for results.

Company won’t make profits from what we’ve done, only to develop by providing satisfied standard products and services from us. So there is no salary of awarding our work, there is only salary of affirming our performance. 

Actively shoulder responsibility.

Don’t pass the buck. Don’t just talk about yourself without others. Don’t  be subjective, be objective. Solving the problem is the top priority. and be willing to accept leader’s and colleagues’ criticism and actively develop self-criticism.



No complaint, passionate, hold positive energy and motivate colleagues.

No development, no problem. There must be problems with development. The faster problems are solved, the faster our company will develop. 

Details determine success or failure

No small work. Simple doesn’t equal to easy. Be careful to do right things, and be attentive to do things well.

Dedicated and Practical

Diligent, hardworking, value creation is valuable in deed.

Focus on work. Even if there are no efficient resources, we need to actively challenge, try our best to overcome difficulties and achieve our goal. 

Strong execution ability

Act as speak, achieve as expected.

Code of Conduct for Employees

Code of Conduct for Managers