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Compound pad

BMC(Bulk Molding Compound) dry type transformer rubber pad is used for electrical insulation and weight bearing to guarantee steady transportation and operation of dry-type transformer and its insulation properties. It can also promote the electrical properties of dry-type transformer and guarantee long service life in high salt density and heavily polluted areas. SHIRE has successfully developed a new type compound insulation pad for dry-type transformers.
Product advantages
SHIRE compound pad adopts BMC as main body coated with HTV(high temperature vulcanized) silicon rubber. It has following properties:
1、Excellent Mechanical Properties
SHIRE compound pad mainly adopts BMC compound material to produce. BMC is made of high activity unsaturated polyester resin or its modified resin as matrix, and also mixed with low shrink resin, chopped glass fiber, inorganic filler, modifier, mold discharging agent and pigment. It has good mechanical properties.
2、Excellent Insulation Properties
SHIRE rubber pad coated layer HTV silicon rubber is widely used in power system. It has good insulation properties by its skirt design structure to add the creeping distance.
3、Advanced Production Technology
BMC compound pad adopts one time injection forming technology under high temperature and pressure with uniform and better quality. 
Data Sheet of Rubber Pad for BMC Dry-type Transformer 
Visual Check
Dark red, No impurities.
Single defective area on skirt surface should be less than 5mm2  and depth should be less than 1 mm.
Bulging height should be less than 0.8m. Seaming bulging height should be less than 1.2mm. Total defective area should be less than 0.2% of total skirt area.



Tensile Strength(MPa)


Elongation at break(%)


Tearing Strength(kN/m)


Volume Resistivity(Ω·cm)


Surface Resistivity(Ω)


Dielectric Loss Factor (tan)


Dielectric Strength(kV/mm)


UV Resistance

Samples after 300h UV test should be compared with original condition. There should be no chalking,cracking and obvious changes of color.


According to DL/810-2002 standard, static contact angle should be over 100°, Hydrophobicity Level: HC1

Corrosion Resistance

Should be over 4.5KV according to GB/T 6553-2003 standard.


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SHIRE compound pad has following advantages:
1、Better Insulation Properties 
BMC compound pad HTV silicon rubber material is a kind of polymer material with excellent overall performance. The changes of electrical properties are very small after moisture, water immersed and temperature rise. HTV silicon rubber is also hydrophobic, which used as a separator for many material.
2、Hot and Cold Resistant
BMC compound pad can be used from -60℃ to 200℃ for a long time.
3、Aging resistant
BMC compound pad has both properties of BMC and HTV silicon rubber that it’s ozone resistant, hot oxygen aging resistant, light aging resistant and weather resistant. There are no obvious properties changes after several years outdoor use.
The ventilation of HTV silicon rubber is hundred times bigger than normal rubber. And it has different ventilation to different gases.
5、Oil Compatibility
BMC compound pad has excellent oil and liquid resistance. It can keep very good properties with aliphatic, aromatic family and chlorinated hydrocarbons under ambient and high temperature. It has good resistance to low concentrated acids and bases. It’s also resistant to ethanol and acetone etc.
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