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Capsule replacement service

It has always been a common problem in the operation and maintenance of the capsule type oil storage cabinet in the substation. The capsule has a broken mouth. If it is not replaced in time, it will pose a great threat to the service life of the transformer and the safe operation of the power grid. Capsule replacement has very high requirements on timeliness. Substation maintenance and replacement capsules have a short power outage period of 3-5 days. The mapping, design, production and installation of capsules must be completed within the blackout period. The time is short and the delivery time is tight. weight. Around this demand, the team of Shirui Group believes in one-stop service from materials, products, to solutions and construction, which not only enables rapid replacement of capsules, but also guarantees future transformers by providing high-quality integral molded capsules. Long-term operation.
Service characteristics
Service advantage
Service value
The Ruirui team of Shirui Group revolves around the demand for substation transformer oil storage cabinet capsule replacement. From materials, products, to solutions and construction, it realizes one-stop service. The service of Ruixin has the following characteristics:
1. The largest capsule data
Shirui Technology is the largest capsule manufacturer in China. The manufacturer has complete capsule data and the company has a large database. The Ruixin engineering team can quickly find the information about the required capsules within the company's system based on the nameplate information provided by the owner.
2. The fastest on-site mapping
In case of special circumstances, the company can arrange special service personnel to arrive at the scene as quickly as possible, providing professional capsule mapping services.
3. The most professional capsule design
The company can not only design capsules as they are, but also upgrade products to give better design solutions, replacing the traditional hand-applied capsules with Shirui integral molding capsules.
4. The fastest capsule production
For the production of operation and replacement capsules, the public has established a rapid response mechanism to deliver the capsules to the site within 3 days.
5. The best quality capsule products
The capsule products provided by Ruixin Engineering are the first integral capsules created by Shirui. The performance is leading in the industry and the quality is reliable.
6. The most efficient installation team
Ruixin has a professional team with many years of experience in transformer capsule replacement. The team covers the whole country. As long as the customer needs it, it can arrive at the scene within 24 hours to complete the capsule replacement operation.
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1. Deliver faster
In comparison, Ruixin Engineering is more professional and faster than the electric construction company and the transformer factory in capsule mapping and design. Even if the replacement service is handed over to the electric construction company and the transformer factory, they still need to buy capsules from the capsule manufacturer. Subject to the capsule manufacturer.
2. The product is more reliable
Shirui is the world's third and the only manufacturer of integrated molded capsules in China. The delivery period of the imported integral molded capsules is 30-45 days, which cannot meet the urgent replacement requirements. If the domestic manual glue is used to bond the capsules, the performance and quality cannot be guaranteed. The Shirui integrated molding capsule provided by Ruixin Engineering has leading performance and reliable quality.
3. Commitment is guaranteed
Ruixin team promises that in the period of product quality assurance, if there is any operation and maintenance failure due to capsule quality problems, Ruixin assumes full responsibility.
4. Service is more intimate
For customer's consultation and comments, Ruixin Engineering will reply within 24 hours; if it needs to be resolved on site, Ruixin will dispatch technicians or engineering service personnel to the scene within 24 hours. Service hours: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
1. Complete the capsule replacement operation in the shortest time to realize grid power transmission and reduce power loss;
2. Provide the industry's best overall molded capsules, the quality is more reliable, and ensure the safe operation of transformer oil storage cabinets for a longer period of time;
3. "One-stop" replacement service, power grid operation and maintenance is more worry-free and more assured.
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