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Engineering service
In recent years, China's direct current transmission technology has developed rapidly and reached the international leading level. Nearly 30 direct current transmission projects have been built, including nearly 20 UHV DC transmission projects. With the deepening of engineering construction and operation and maintenance, State Grid Corporation and China Southern Power Grid Corporation put forward higher requirements for the reliability of the hole sealing of the valve hall of the converter station. The sealing of the valve chamber hole not only plays the role of sealing and noise reduction. Moreover, it is easy to disassemble and disassemble in the actual operation and maintenance inspection. More importantly, in the case of fire, it is necessary to play a better role in explosion protection and fire prevention, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in the fire, and to minimize accident losses. .
Since Yunguang Engineering (China's first UHV DC transmission project), Shirui Group's Ruixin engineering team has provided a total of more than 30 converter stations to provide elevated hole sealing services, in the existing valve hall blocking program On the basis of the analysis, around the higher requirements of the power grid in terms of fire prevention and explosion protection, Ruixin Engineering has gathered a number of professionals in structural design, material research, process research and other fields to carry out integrated technology research and developed a second generation converter station. Valve hall sealing scheme.
It has always been a common problem in the operation and maintenance of the capsule type oil storage cabinet in the substation. The capsule has a broken mouth. If it is not replaced in time, it will pose a great threat to the service life of the transformer and the safe operation of the power grid. Capsule replacement has very high requirements on timeliness. Substation maintenance and replacement capsules have a short power outage period of 3-5 days. The mapping, design, production and installation of capsules must be completed within the blackout period. The time is short and the delivery time is tight. weight.
Around this demand, the team of Shirui Group believes in one-stop service from materials, products, to solutions and construction, which not only enables rapid replacement of capsules, but also guarantees future transformers by providing high-quality integral molded capsules. Long-term operation.
For a long time, transformer oil conservator leakage, false oil level, and short service life are common problems in substations. The coring and leakage of the core of the metal corrugated oil storage cabinet can lead to the aging of the false oil level and the insulating oil, which seriously threatens the safe operation of the transformer. The traditional oil conservator cannot completely solve the problems of false oil level and leakage.
The Ruixin team of Shirui Group has developed corresponding implementation standards from the mapping, design, production, transportation and installation of oil conservator, providing one-stop service for customers and completely solving the false oil level of the oil conservator. , leaks and short life issues.
Transformer insulating oil and SF6 gas act as the main insulating medium for power equipment, and play an important role in insulation, cooling and arc extinguishing in the equipment. Leakage and leakage of power equipment will cause the insulation level of the equipment to drop, interfere with the normal operation of the equipment, and even cause accidents in severe cases. In response to this pain point, ordinary measures (such as qi, fastening bolts, etc.) are not cured, and the cost of replacing parts for power failure is enormous, which brings great trouble to the operation and maintenance of the power grid.
Focusing on this issue, the team of Shirui Group believes in one-stop service from materials, processes, to solutions and construction, which can realize “no power supply and pressure plugging” and completely solve the problem of oil leakage and air leakage of substation equipment.
Most of the substation cabinets are installed outdoors. Because the cabinets are not well sealed, moisture and dust can easily enter the cabinets, resulting in condensation, dust collection and sand collection, which greatly deteriorates the operating environment inside the cabinet and easily causes electrical and mechanical failures. It affects the safe and stable operation of the power station.
Focusing on the pain points of this industry, Ruixin Engineering pioneered the “three-in-one” comprehensive remediation service for substation cabinets, and transformed the substation cabinets through “water blocking, sand blocking”, “water isolation, sand separation” and “dehumidification”. The problem of the substation cabinet is completely solved. Since then, the company has also designed an "old box transformation" remediation project on the serious corrosion of the cabinet, which improved the internal operating environment of the substation cabinet and provided a guarantee for the safe operation of the substation power system.
Cable ducts are basically installed underground, cold and humid, and the environment is more complicated than on the ground. At present, the plugging of cable duct outlet holes is mostly blocked by fireproof mud. The fireproof mud is not resistant to cable bending, is not resistant to aging, is easy to crack, has poor sealing effect, and is easy to fall off in long-term operation. If it encounters rainwater soaking and pest damage, it will easily cause a large area of power outage, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to life. In addition, the traditional plugging will cause great trouble to the maintenance personnel in the event of circuit failure.
The Ruixin team provides professional cable pipe outlet pressure and tight sealing service, which can effectively solve problems such as water seepage, water accumulation and sand collection in substation cable pipelines.