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Converter station valve chamber hole blocking V2

In recent years, China's direct current transmission technology has developed rapidly and reached the international leading level. Nearly 30 direct current transmission projects have been built, including nearly 20 UHV DC transmission projects. With the deepening of engineering construction and operation and maintenance, State Grid Corporation and China Southern Power Grid Corporation put forward higher requirements for the reliability of the hole sealing of the valve hall of the converter station. The sealing of the valve chamber hole not only plays the role of sealing and noise reduction. Moreover, it is easy to disassemble and disassemble in the actual operation and maintenance inspection. More importantly, in the case of fire, it is necessary to play a better role in explosion protection and fire prevention, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in the fire, and to minimize accident losses. . Since Yunguang Engineering (China's first UHV DC transmission project), Shirui Group's Ruixin engineering team has provided a total of more than 30 converter stations to provide elevated hole sealing services, in the existing valve hall blocking program On the basis of the analysis, around the higher requirements of the power grid in terms of fire prevention and explosion protection, Ruixin Engineering has gathered a number of professionals in structural design, material research, process research and other fields to carry out integrated technology research and developed a second generation converter station. Valve hall sealing scheme.
An Introduction
Program advantage
Program value
Around the higher requirements of the power grid in terms of fire prevention and explosion protection, the sealing scheme of the second-generation converter station of Ruixin has made comprehensive innovations in structural design, material selection and construction technology.
1. New structural design
The main structure of the valve chamber hole of the second generation converter station of Ruixin is composed of four parts. The first part is explosion-proof structure. It consists of non-magnetic explosion-proof steel plate and non-magnetized stainless steel square tube keel. It can resist the huge explosion caused by outdoor equipment. Shock. The second part is the fireproof structure. The main part is a metal surface structure composite fireproof board, which meets the fireproof design requirements of more than 4 hours. The third part is the edging fireproof structure, which is covered with stainless steel material and filled with heat-insulating fireproof material inside, which can effectively prevent the fire from extending through the hem. The fourth part is the fireproof sealing structure of the casing of the casing. The layered ceramized silicone rubber and the multi-layered aluminosilicate wool blanket are intercoated to ensure that the fire does not extend to the valve hall.
2. Unique material selection
Explosion-proof materials: The non-magnetic explosion-proof steel plate and the non-magnetized stainless steel square tube keel selected by Ruixin have excellent explosion-proof performance. According to the explosion impact of the explosion-proof structure of the Sichuan Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, the impact force of 10 kPa is taken for 10 ms to the explosion-proof structure. The bending deformation of the explosion-proof structure does not exceed 10 mm.
Fireproof material: The fireproof material selected by Ruixin is a metal surface composite fireproof board, and the second is a ceramic silicon rubber material, both of which are self-made materials. The metal surface composite fireproof board can withstand the high temperature of not less than 1000 °C, the fireproof grade reaches A2-s1, d0, t0 grade, the heat insulation effect λ≤0.44w/mk, and the fireproof time is not less than 240 minutes. Shirui ceramic silicon rubber material has the advantages of insulation, fire separation, water isolation, shock resistance, small weight loss, etc. It is converted into inorganic ceramic material when it is exposed to high temperature. In the case of fire, the "ceramic" hard shell can play Very good flame retardant, fireproof, fireproof, fireproof, can withstand 1200 ° C -1500 ℃ high temperature.
Anti-vortex heating material: In the hole sealing structure of Ruixin Valve Hall, the non-magnetic explosion-proof stainless steel material is fully applied. This material belongs to austenitic stainless steel, which can effectively control the eddy current temperature rise and ensure the safe operation of the DC bushing.
3. One-stop sealing service
Ruixin provides a complete set of converter station valve sealing schemes for DC projects, including scheme design, material selection, material production and testing, program construction and inspection maintenance, and provides integrated construction services. Ruixin and the design unit directly docked the design plan, and directly connected the construction plan with the construction unit (electric construction company) and the equipment manufacturing unit, responsible for the overall design, material manufacturing and testing, construction quality and post-checking maintenance, ensuring the entire project can Perfect implementation.
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1. More fireproof and explosion-proof than traditional blocking scheme
For a long time, the valve box of traditional converter station in China has adopted the structure of “single layer rock wool board + galvanized steel + metal edging”. The structure is simple and has certain fireproof performance, but it can not meet the safety requirements of grid companies. Higher "fire, explosion proof" requirements. The sealing scheme of the second generation converter station of Ruixin is based on structural improvement and material innovation, and its fireproof and explosion-proof effect is better.
2. More sealed and soundproof than traditional blocking solutions
Compared with the valve block sealing material of the traditional converter station, the sealing material of the valve chamber of the second generation converter station of Ruixin can block the influence of external conditions such as dust and rain on the internal environment of the valve hall, and it has good sound insulation effect. Maintain a good operating environment for the valve hall equipment.
3. More eddy current heating than traditional blocking scheme
Compared with the valve block sealing material of the traditional converter station, the hole sealing of the Ruixin valve hall is fully applied with non-magnetic explosion-proof stainless steel material, and it can be well grounded, which can effectively prevent the eddy current heating from affecting the operation of the converter casing.
4. Integrated construction is more efficient
Under the original construction mode, the project management unit needs to directly or indirectly connect more than 10 units, and the number of cross-interfaces reaches more than 20, which is not conducive to the overall control of the project implementation. The one-stop service of Ruixin Engineering has unified control over the quality of the project, reducing the number of materials procurement interfaces to two, greatly reducing the difficulty of construction management, making project management more effective and controllable, and guaranteeing perfect delivery.
1. The valve hall has a high safety level
In China, the UHV DC project bears the heavy responsibility of large-capacity long-distance transmission and plays a key role in the safe and stable operation of the power system. In DC engineering, the converter valve is the core equipment, and its safety is especially important. With the new structural design and targeted material selection, the fire protection and explosion-proof grade of Ruixin's second-generation converter station has been significantly improved, meeting the new requirements of the grid for valve block sealing, and can effectively guarantee the replacement. The safety of the flow station valve hall.
2. Small accident losses
The second-generation converter station valve room sealing scheme developed by Ruixin has improved fire and explosion-proof performance, can withstand the huge impact brought by the explosion of outdoor equipment, and withstand the fire burning for more than 4 hours, effectively blocking the fire spread. Once an external explosion or fire occurs, the loss at the converter station can be minimized.
3. Fast delivery is guaranteed
Ruixin Engineering has a construction team with excellent professional quality, rich construction experience and strict operation discipline. The construction team has accumulated more than 30 tunnels for the valve hall of the converter station. With the innovation of the construction mode, Ruixin Engineering has reduced the total. The docking interface of process management makes the responsibility boundary clearer and the schedule and quality more controllable. Regardless of the new plugging business for the current UHV DC project, or the plugging and replacing business for the completed project, the Ruixin engineering team can achieve fast delivery and guarantee.
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